Dolan Springs Trail System

President: Sue Baughman, Vice President: Ian G., Secretary/Treasurer:
Carol Ann, Directors: Marie Hedrick, Tom Love, Lynn Rosati & Sean Dixon


On January 11th, the new board of directors was sworn in by Mohave County Supervisor Jean Bishop. The directors for 2017 are as follows:

Sue Baughman – President: Sue "Itchy Foot", a retired Marine and resident since 1980, founded our trail system of 480 acres in 2008. Her passion for the great outdoors motivates many to go and explore all of the great trails here in Dolan Springs and in nearby towns. Sue is also the Honorary Mayor of Dolan Springs.

Ian G. – Vice President: A native of South Africa, moved here from Atlanta four years ago looking for a healthier lifestyle. Ian worked as a Software Engineer for a start-up company before taking early retirement. He is enjoying the quiet desert beauty and slower pace of life. He enjoys writing, hiking and working on the trails.

Carol Ann – Secretary/Treasurer: Carol Ann is co-owner of Adventure Concierge, a local business providing travel services. She is VP of Kids Against Dumb Stuff (KADS), former secretary & school liaison for the Dolan Springs Community Council. A member of the Meadview Chamber of Commerce & Friends of the Joshua Tree Forest.

Marie Hedrick: Marie, Sue's Mom, moved here reluctantly from Indiana in 1979 to follow her husband's dream. When she was able to move back 16 years ago, Marie found that she had become a native and decided to stay. Marie is an artist whose pictures are inspired by the local landscape.

Lynn Rosati: A native of Long Island, moved to Las Vegas about 6 years ago, then moved here 5 years ago, looking for a warmer, drier climate, and a peaceful lifestyle. An avid photographer, artist and hiker who runs our Facebook page. Lynn is involved in many volunteer activities around town.

Tom Love: A snowbird from Ely, Nevada. Tom worked as a mechanic and a correctional officer. He enjoys ATVs, horseback riding and the great outdoors.

Sean Dixon: Sean was born in New York, graduated in Plano, TX and moved here in 1998, where he drove a truck for the government for several years. He likes to target shoot, play with his dogs and take things apart.


As I look back at 2016, we had a very successful year. The high point of the year was going to Washington D.C. to receive a national award for our trail system.

You, the members, made this possible, thank you. We started to do more fun things, other than trail work. We had several 4x4 trips (with more to come), some awesome hikes and other social events. We have some of our members doing power walking 3 times a week at different locations.

This past year our members logged in 1002 volunteer hours, which equates to $18038 @$18.00 per hour. We had 506 signatures at the guest register with 281 hours on the trail. We hosted Earth Day, Mt. Tipton National Trails Day, and American Hiking Society's National Trails Day and we are going to host them again this year. At Dolan Daze, we organized community health screenings with the Lion's club and had a very successful raffle. 

We have a lot of other exciting things happening this year. In March we have 8 volunteers coming in to work on the trails. Jay Fleming will help us put together a drone presentation. Working with the BLM, we flagged an area about 1/3 mile around the meditation circle to create an ADA trail. Ian added a page to our website, showing Jim Sumler's beautiful pictures of our local fauna and flora, be sure check it out. How many are interested in a camping trip this summer?


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